Thursday, June 20, 2013

Waz Up?

Some of you may remember that a few weeks ago I posted a real quick update, informing everyone that I was not dead. In addition to that very important announcement, I was planning on giving a more in-depth look at my plans for the blog. Problem was, I’m an idiot, so I waited till late in the evening to write it, meaning I didn’t have time to finish. Today, I’ll be fixing that.

Let’s first start with the biggest (and possibly only) subject of importance, the new series/features I’m thinking of starting up! In the style of all the great unoriginals, this will be presented as a list!

1. Cain Freeman, PhD – Some of you may not know this, but I have a PhD of Science from the Institute of BS. What better way to use this than overanalyzing fantasy and science-fiction novels! Not a hundred percent sure what I will be calling this, but I’m hoping it will drip with delicious, delicious pun, much like grease.
2. Song Title Challenge – I got this idea from Emma at A Wordless Blogger. The idea is simple; you suggest a title of a song, and I’ll maybe write a story around it. Just because you suggest a song doesn’t mean I will do it. Afterall, if I don’t get any inspiration from the title, how could I possibly write a story around it?
3. Sometimes I get ideas that are absolute shit. We’re talking cement flotation device levels of shit. Usually they die off by themselves in the dark recesses of my mind, but there’s one that lives. You see, there’s a writing community called Figment. It’s quite big, quite famous. A misfiring neuron of mine thinks that it’d be a good idea to review some of the stories on there. What service this offers to anyone, I don’t know, but dammit! This neuron won’t shut up!
Yeah, so I might be doing some of those.
4. Discussion Posts (Which I may start calling “No BS” because the blog’s name is No BS Books, and they both have No BS in the title and it’s all really clever.) Don’t think this really needs to be explained. It’s just more posts like “White Pages Shouldn’t Mean White Characters,” but dealing with other topics.
5. Self-Indulgence – Since I wanted to pad out my word count, I’ll be including this series. Self-Indulgence isn’t new, it began with my musings on the music of Delirium, but hasn’t seen a post in months. The name really says it all, my useless thoughts that have sprung up from reading a book.

That’s all really! I’m trying to get several series (features?) up and running so I can reliably release content on Tuesdays, alongside my reviews on Thursdays… which should be returning soon. Slightly ridiculous that a post detailing what to expect on Tuesdays gets released on a Thursday, isn’t it?

PS – Since it looks like Google may be phasing out GFC, I’d like to warn everyone that I will be switching over to Bloglovin’ and following by email from now on. If you want to stay up-to-date, then I’d recommend switching over to one of those. You can find the corresponding options on the sidebar to the left!

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