Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Book Notes Project - Spreading the Love

For various reasons I won’t be putting up a review today. Instead, I’ll be talking about something far more interesting, The Book Notes Project. Spreading a little happiness, bit by bit.

book notes 

                        The Book Notes Project, started by Emma at A Wordless Blogger, is all about spreading happiness through the common love of books. Simply by slipping a note with a kind message into a book, we hope to bring a smile to someone’s face.

                        For me, a terribly pessimistic, cynical human being, joining a group that is the embodiment of positivity feels odd. I’m like the Grinch, learning that I don’t have to be a doom and gloom type. “…they say that the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day.” In all reality, I’ve always been a fan of random acts of kindness as people call them, or in my mind, simply being a good person.
                        When I stumbled across The Book Notes Project, I instantly knew that I wanted to participate in some capacity. The idea, leaving notes in books, was one I had considered before, after I got a book that had several of its own. When I found out that others had similar ideas, my decision was made for me. Improving someone’s day with such a small, simple thing is quite powerful to me, and makes me wonder, why wouldn’t someone do it?
Since joining The Book Notes Project a few days ago, I’ve already went to the library and littered the books with notes. Just simple little messages, something to make a person smile. An hour of my time is all it took, and now a dozen people hopefully have a better day awaiting them.
                        Really, this post is promotional. When something is this amazing, I can make an exception to my distaste for promotional posts. That wasn’t the intent, but I am far too tired to talk about anything of meaning, so I will leave that for later this week.  If you do want to participate, then please email Emma at I’d strongly encourage you to join, because why not make someone’s day?

                        Sorry for the lack of content this week, things just didn’t work out. I promise that things will be smoother next week.

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